DrewFX to release Turbo Flick:DemonGPU


Release date: 22nd April 2011 (US) for iPod / iPad (scaling) / iPhone devices.
Price 99c (USD)
Publisher: DrewFX

Somewhere in one of these computer memories the Demon GPU was born. Now it is in your mobile device. It will destroy your world - unless, you can defeat it first. Battle your way through 6 sectors to find it. There the Demon GPU will be waiting.

  • Cyberspace themed flick shooter.
  • Physics based skill required.
  • 36 levels to perfect.
  • Star based reward system. Can you get them all?
  • Retro arcade style shooter blended with pinball.

Videos and screen shots will be released the same day.


Version 1.3 in the works

DrewFX Version 1.3 is now underway. See the feature set below.

  • Support for iPad
  • Porting to Android
  • Aerial targets.
  • Auto-paddle and surf for more fun
  • Pull off wave to paddle for another.
  • Aerial targets.
  • Auto aerial unless otherwised specified
  • All aerial moves unlocked
  • Smart-barrel button - it stalls you and puts at the right spot - then you balance
  • Auto-land - let's you pull off the moves without worrying about landing it.


Version 1.2.1 Released

DrewFX Version 1.2.1 is now available in the AppStore. For all of April $1 of every sale will go to PMH a childrens' hospital in Perth Western Australia.

Full story as covered by SROSurf

new camera angle


Update 1.2 Progress

DrewFX Update 1.2 is nearing completion. One of the most significant changes is the camera angle, predominantly fixed behind the surfer. This removes the confusion of how to steer the player.

Here's a list of the features

  • new logo and in game art ( 10% )
  • Sharks!!!! ( 50% )
  • jetty, submerged structures ( 50% )
  • new animations for moves and wipeouts ( DONE )
  • onscreen joystick ( DONE )
  • camera system to make steering match joystick moves ( ie no inverted moves - DONE )
  • dead accurate collision detection and physics for jumping ( DONE )
  • tweak control system to add stall, pump on wave ( DONE )
  • new obstacles such as rocks and pilings ( DONE )
  • fixed wave height on wave 1.0 so you don't pop above it ( DONE )
  • crisp textures on menus and in-game. ( DONE )
  • persistent settings - music on/off, low res on/off - remembers after restart so you don't have to change them again ( DONE )
  • upgrade surf/comp/free buttons ( DONE )
  • upgrade button resolution for options/stats/help/location ( DONE )
  • changed first wave to be 1.0 size to look better for first user experience ( DONE )
  • added better spray and foam from board ( DONE )
  • added aerial targets ( DONE )
  • glide better on wave ( DONE )


Welcome to DrewFX.com!

DrewFX has released version 1.1 of Surf Prodigy for the iPhone/iTouch

Here's some reviews I've received about Surf Prodigy.

Great ***** by Kandwarf - v1.0 Jul 27th 2009
Best surf game...this is by far the best surf game on the app store!

Nice game, nice price ***** by Dtr1au - v1.0 Jul 31st 2009
Visually great. Can't beat the price either. Good to launch and chill out in the waiting room.

Best Surfing game yet for iphone ***** by wil2009 - v1.0 Aug 5th 2009
Excellent game, cool graphics and great controls. Cannot wait for upgrades and new levels.

Surf Prodigy **** by jmmsmth - v1.0 Jul 29th 2009
This is great choice for a surf game, it's fun, low-priced and 3D so I'd recommend it to all surf fans. It's addictive.

Niiiice **** by BradyCabe - v1.0 Aug 5th 2009
This game is awesome. Once you get used to the controls it's great. A good pre-surf warm-up. I hope it's barrelling like that tomorrow ... probably won't be.


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